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Machining services

Our machining department is fully prepared to supply great demands of machined castings with excellent quality standard and productivity. Constant investments in the modernization of our production equipment and qualification of our workers involved in planning, quality check and operation are kept in order to serve customers the best way possible.

Our machining site is fully equipped with CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, milling machines, among others.

Quality Control

In order to supply top notch machined parts with an excellent quality standard meeting our customers’ requirements and technical norms, we keep a solid control that involves all stages of the manufacturing process, from purchase of raw material to the delivery.

All procedures regarding the production undergo a meticulous quality control, providing reliability and traceability of all parts produced by us.

The metrology department establishes the routine controls and production process in accordance with the technical norms and specifications of the customer as well as internal procedures. Modern and periodically calibrated measuring instruments are kept in order to guarantee the conditions and quality of the service provided by this department.

Laboratory chemical testing and metallurgical
  • Chemical analysis
  • Metallography
  • Essay of mechanical properties
  • Non-destructive essay
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