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Investing on structure and knowledge

HENFEL Technology Center

Research, development and innovation have a significant meaning for us, as it represents an achievement that demanded a great deal of efforts and investments in structure, knowledge and human resources.

Our RDI activities are executed by a specialized team of highly capable professionals in the fields of mechanic, mechatronics and electrical engineering. This team woks in tune with the market (project engineering companies, OEM, maintenance engineering departments of customers) in order to continuously improve our product lines and develop new solutions in order to contribute with a more practical, productive, safe and profitable.

The HTC – HENFEL TECHNOLOGY CENTER provides the necessary structure to our team so it is able to develop its activities with excellent performance.

Power Transmission Test Bench

The power transmission test bench is equipped with a 700HP motor and allows equipment testing in rotational speeds of 900 and 1800 RPM

It allows testing with load simulation and by mean of an electronic instrument system, gathers performance data of the product tested.

Sealing Test Bench

The sealing test bench was develop to analyze and classify the performance and efficiency of bearing housings seals, with the reference of the ABNT NBR 16169:2013 test norm. This norm establishes the methods of the dynamic tests in mud tank, simulating the mining environment.

Other materials can also be used within the test bench, allowing the simulation of other environments, thus, it is possible to assess the performance of a given seal type in different operation conditions. Variables such as temperature, contaminants, shaft rotational speed, among others, can be simulated; therefore, it provides the required flexibility to mimic the application of the seals in many different situations.


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