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Hidrovariador AHHVV

Reliable and flexible torque transmission which contributes with your production performance


The Variable Speed Hydrodynamic Couplings were develop in accordance with the most up to date engineering and technology concepts available.

The project took under consideration the view and opinions of the main maintenance engineering departments, end users and HENFEL technicians in order to obtain excellent performance and low cost maintenance.

Interchangeable with models available in the market, the project contemplates couplings for applications with power ranging from 300 to 3000 kilowatts, and up to 1800 RPM..

Unique of its kind design and domestic manufacturing, the Hidrovariadores AHHVV are approved by Vale since November 2009 and are already present in large projects, such as S11D, with 12 units sold to be applied on conveyor belts with nominal capacity up to 20 thousand tons / h.

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The Variable Speed Hydrodynamic Couplings are applied on drives which require reliability, efficiency and economy to the production.

Since their utilization provide advantages such as energy savings, motor and driven equipment increased life and maintenance reduction, they guarantee the economical return of the project’s investment.

Principles of Operation

The Variable Speed Hydrodynamic Couplings are applied connecting the prime mover (in most cases an electric motor) and the driven machine. They transmit power by means of the kinetic energy from the fluid circulating inside the fluid chamber which is between the pump wheel, connected to the input shaft, and the turbine wheel, connected to the output shaft..

The operating medium flow provides torque transmission with no mechanical contact whatsoever and free of torsional vibrations that is resulted from the power input and output operations.

The operating medium level may be regulated during the operation, providing fast and precise speed adjustment of the the driven machine within the operational range. The level of operating medium inside of the working chamber is determined by the radial position of the scoop tube


Main Applications



The AHHVV Hydrodynamic Variable Speed Couplings have leak proof split housing where the internal components are set, such as pump and turbine wheels and their shafts. The main motor and the driven machine are connected to it by elastic shaft couplings..

The fluid sump is integrated into the housing, and the oil is pumped by an external pump with independent drive motor. That contributes to simplify the maintenance whenever it is necessary

The external oil pump allows fast and simplified maintenance..

he shafts are supported in bearings that are continuously force lubricated and monitored.

The oil cooler varies according to the application, and it can be Air-Oil type, Water-Oil Type, etc.


The preliminary selection of models and sizes of HIDROVARIADOR AHHVV can be made through the selection chart, available in the technical catalogue. Our engineering department applications and technical sales is at your disposal to resolve any questions and assist you throughout this process.

All preliminary selection will be subject to change or confirmation of receipt of information questionnaire and technical data with information on the engine, driven equipment, functions provided for coupling, axle dimensions and mounting layout completed.


Variable Speed Hydrodynamic Coupling
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