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Socioenvironmental responsibility

Environmental preservation is a priority within our activities. Therefore, we have invested in studies aimed at minimizing the impacts of our products on the environment.

With this policy in mind, we have developed new sealing technologies and project concepts that not only improved the performance of our bearing housings, but increased its efficiency by preventing the contamination of the environment by leakage of lubricants. For the Hydrodynamic Coupling line, a solution which allowed the replacement of mineral oil by water as an operating fluid was developed, reducing to zero the potential for contamination of the environment.

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Fundação Abrinq

In the social area, we sponsor Abrinq Foundation, an organization that keeps programs that benefit over 1.2 million children and adolescents in Brazil.

In our local community, contributions are held at various assistance programs of organizations that work with the support and education for children..

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