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Since the beginning of our activities in 1981, we determined that our commitment with quality would be one of our core characteristics in order to support a sustainable and innovation-oriented growth.

Therefore, we evolved from an aluminum foundry installed in Jaboticabal, SP, Brazil to become a reliable supplier of a wide range of products that serves many industrial segments.

Our work philosophy is to understand our customers’ needs in order to propose a customized solution for their application, granting excellent operational performance. Our work is supported by four fundamental pillars: ethics, workers valorization and qualification, respect to our suppliers and commitment with our clients’ demands.

In the end of 2015, HENFEL was acquired by RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION GMBH , one of the most consistent industrial groups in the power transmission market. By means of its strong brands RINGFEDER® (shrink discs, locking assemblies, flange couplings, gear couplings, highly flexible couplings), GERWAH® (metal bellows coupling, servo-insert coupling, torsionally rigid disc couplings, safety couplings) and HENFEL® (bearing housings, flexible couplings, hydrodynamic couplings, variable speed hyd. couplings and industrial brakes) RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION meets customers demands and needs with high performance torque transmission components. Now, RINGFEDER counts with an excellent structure in Brazil to manufacture and distribute products from all brands of the division for the Brazilian and Latin American market. For the customers, this is translated as a complete and unique partner for power transmission solutions with high level and extensive technical support.

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  1. Company Foundation

    Therefore, we evolved from an aluminum foundry installed in Jaboticabal, SP, Brazil to become a reliable supplier of a wide range of products that serves many industrial segments.

  2. The compan developed a complete line of Bearin Housings

    Supported by new production equipment and improved infrastructure, HENFEL began to produce excellent bearing housings made of different metal alloys such as grey / ductile cast iron, and carbon steel

  3. Development of Hydrodynamic Couplings

    HENFLUID Hydrodynamic Couplings were the first of their kind to be designed and manufactured in Brazil. From this year on, the Brazilian industrial market came to rely on a competent and present supplier.

  4. Inauguration of new machining facilities

    The machining facility was upgraded and transferred to new facilities in order to meet the growing demand with a high quality standard and productivity.

  5. Launch of the Variable Speed Hydrodynamic Coupling line.

    Developed in accordance with modern and up to date engineering concepts, as well as the support of innovative technological resources, the project contemplated many technical improvements in order to achieve better performance and simplified low cost maintenance.

  6. ISO 9001:2008 Certification

    Keeping the quality standard high was always a primar responsibility at HENFEL. Receiving this certification reaffirms our commitment with the development and evolution of our process and activities.

  7. Inauguration of new foundry facilities

    Start up of a modern foundry, with innovative production processes and top notch equipment.

  8. Delivery of 12 Variable Speed Fluid Couplings for Vale’s S11D Project, São Luis, MA, Brazil.

    The Variable Speed Fluid Couplings are the most complex of its kind manufactured in Brazil. Their greatest advantage is the possibility to transmit torque through kinetic energy,( i.e with no mechanical contact) and vary the torque transmission and therefore the speed by controlling the operating medium fill. Due to the excellent performance and easy maintenance, besides the economy provided for the entire project, it has been broadly used in many mining projects in Brazil.

  9. HENFEL Service restructuration

    Aiming to serve the market with Hydrodynamic Couplings reconditioning services and technical assistance, we strengthened the HENFEL SERVICE team to carefully understand the customers’ processes in order to contribute with customized solutions and support their maintenance asset management activities. Gradually, the reconditioned products portfolio has increased significantly and nowadays it includes Variable Speed Hydrodynamic Couplings, Bearing Housings and Industrial Brakes.

  10. Launch of the new generation of Hydrodynamic Couplings – HENFLUID NG

    The HENFLUID NG introduces many advantages and eases maintenance due to its innovative fixation system, which allows radial assembly and disassembly, absorbs higher radial, axial and angular misalignments and dampens vibration and shocks coming from the drive system and equipment.

  11. Launch of the HDFB Split Flexible Coupling

    The creative flow of our RD & I department reaches new heights with the launch of Flexible Couplings HDFB line, the only split low speed and high torque coupling available in the Brazilian market. Easy to assemble and disassemble, it adds many advantages to the drive system maintenance process and provides excellent return of investment and operational safety.

  12. Acquisition of the company by the VBG Group

    HENFEL was acquired by the RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION. The alliance adds many competences to the group with the inclusion of new products and services to the entire power transmission market, enabling a future of great opportunities.


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